Check it out! Spelunking around my archive

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Sometimes browsers get confused, or frustrated here... if only for a moment. But a moment is all it takes. And, I understand. I often 'bounce' off of a site way to quickly. 

So, here's how my site works. There are really only two kinds of pages. Indexes (from where most likley just came) and content pages (where I hope you'll go). All of the index pages look about the same: they're populated with square blocks that are mainly links to content pages, but also include links to relavent indexs of similar content. The main thing is to follow the main (large, U&LC italic) link in each block (if you're intersted), which will take you to that content. If you're interested insomething like that thing, but not exactly that thing, following one of the links below (the underlined ones in ALL CAPS) will take you to an index of stuff that is related (in the way indicated by the title of the link). 

That's about it!

In the meantime, since you're here, a breakdown of where you might want to go: 

The homepage

This index is a somewhat curated view of some of my favorite things (projects of one sort or another, excluding things I've not done, such as items from the cover archive). This index isn't filterable, except, of course, through the use of the main navigation, which is really just a big ol' filter. 

The primary indexes (which is to say, the main navigation)

Every primary, top-level index will show links to every project I've had a chance to load onto the site. Because the site, for better or worse, is more of an archive than a portfolio or a narrative, there are quite a few projecs at each top level index (especially in the case of graphic design). While I've got a lot of my favorite work in the archive, a not insubstantial set of projects have yet to be uploaded, either because they're particularly hard to render online (to their best advantage), because I'm for one reason or another barred from sharing the work online, or becuase the files are gone and the necessary photography has yet to happen.  

Once you select a top-level index (graphic design, photography, cover archive, or about), you're presented with a special (if not terribly 'loud') treat. Filters! 

The secondary or 'filter' indexes

Each top-level index can be filtered by varying sets of meaningful categories. In the grpahic design section, for example, you can filter by discpline, client, or sector. If, for example, you are interested in working with me on a print piece and only want to see what I can do in that discipline, choose 'print' in the filter set. If you're more interested in a particular client or sector (say, 'arts and culture'), by all means, slice 'n' dice the content in that way! You can also sort by individual clients, which is probably the best way to see a case study of sorts. No verbiage rich explications of process (yet!), but those clients with whom I've particiated the longest (or most intensively) end up with a pretty thorough 'meta' case study. A recent example is the work I've done or led at Sametz Blackstone Associates for Sarah Lawrence College. And, even here, while I've included many of the key touch-point productions, as much work isn't represented on my site.