On attribution

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No single person can lay total claim to any particular design artifact. That said, all of the work I've shared on this site bears my creative imprint.

For each project represented here, I've described as accurately as possible my role. Much of the work shown on the site was created at Stoltze Design or Sametz Blackstone Associates. Those bodies of work are, of course, deeply influenced by my collaborators at those firms, and the work product (literally as well as creatively) belongs as much to those firms and those people as it does to me.

Where appropriate, I've listed specific collaborators, and will be going back through my work to systematize my 'role' designations. In general, a designation of 'designer' or 'designer/art director' means I believe I provided the dominant (if not the only) aesthetic vision and did most (if not all) of the mouse pushing. Where I've listed my role solely as 'art director,' 'creative director,' or 'design director,' I may not have built the designs on my own, but feel a reasonable amount of creative ownership, in collaboration with one or more colleagues. Where appropriate, I've credited those individuals and will continue to augment the individual projects with collaborator details. As I mature as a designer and design director, I expect that more and more of 'my work' will be largely executed (and influenced) by others; a new paradigm that I find both exciting and terrifying.