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By way of a professional introduction, I serve as Director of Design at Sametz Blackstone Associates, where I've been helping to develop brands and build communications since 2009.

Prior to moving my daytime exploits to Blackstone Square, I honed my design skills at Stoltze Design, where I was Senior Art Director at the conclusion of a very productive seven year tenure.

I began teaching introductory and intermediate graphic design courses at Northeastern University in 2005 and continue to be inspired and challenged by my students. I'm currently teaching Degree Project, the capstone course sequence for graduating design majors.

In addition to practicing graphic design, I occasionally show my photographic and collage work, and my commissioned photography has been featured in several of my design projects.

In the decade or so I've been a practicing graphic designer here in Boston, I've accomplished a few other things. I was a partner in an internet startup, traveled to three continents, got married, bought a home, and became a father (in that order). Before moving to Boston, I completed my MFA in graphic design at the Yale University School of Art. Prior to that, I worked in event management and as a freelance designer.

I graduated with highest honors in philosophy from Emory University in 1999. I was raised in Nashua, NH—voted more than once and by more than one publication as the number one place to live in these United States.